SF Video Links

We are attempting to update the StumpFilms website in a simple user friendly way.  Right now we are testing all sorts of ways that the typical “tech fool” like myself can add content and generally make our site better.  We are in the process of adding links to our online content.


Highest Region “Just Another Skier” 2.1

Highest Region “Paradise” 2.2


Highest Region “Charlie’s Demons” 2.3


Rasta Stevie and the Wailers


 Highest Region News – US Freeskiing Fight


Hit the Road in Colorado – Jibbin’ the 14ers


Boy Skis into Rock


Before Aspen 2012

NewSchoolers Exclusive Videos

Teva Live Better Stories “Mudflap”

This link below will take you to NewSchoolers web site



More to post soon.