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SIA Denver: The Tribe is Gathering Again

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Stumpa's Blog | 0 comments

  SIA Denver: The Tribe is Gathering Again The Snow Sports Industry of America’s Snow Show is returning to Colorado January 29th through February 3rd. The Denver show is described by some as “the biggest family reunion in the world.” The Snow Sports biz is a relatively small industry and our business relies on personal contacts and a personal connection with each other and the snow riding public. Skiing and riding has evolved and changed over the years, but it is still undeniably a family friendly sport. SIA Snow Show is where we show off our high tech, low tech, high fashion,...

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Music 4Life

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Meandering Muse Blog, Stumpa's Blog | 1 comment   My son Ambesa is now rocking an awesome set of drums. His playing is improving everyday and I am excited to hear him practice everyday. If you’re a parent it is always worth a few extra dollars to buy a kit with good tone. I searched for a while until Peter, the Lodo Drum Guy, hooked us up with a birch Yamaha Stage Custom set.     Music has played a huge part in life. Playing music has helped to create the man that I am. So when my son Ambesa became a drummer in the school band, I was proud and I...

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Hike a Peak in my Moccasins

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Stumpa's Blog | 1 comment Mikey Spice- Walk A Mile The Kids Are Alright I can’t say that my sons Ambesa nor Zani seemed excited while planning for our ascent of 13,380 foot Geissler Mountain.  But, when their friend decided to go and we started to drive to the trail head, everyone was excited.  I’ve climbed and skied Geissler four or five times, but I’ve never climbed it in the summer.  So, my boys were going for their first summit of the summer and I decided to make it a first for me as well.  This would be my first...

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Who Killed Freeride Skiing?

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Stumpa's Blog | 4 comments

Who Killed Freeride Skiing? Geoffrey W. Stump   We’ve been hearing about it now for years.  “The Olympics are going to f%^k up the sport!”  “Olympics are awesome and they will bring Slope and Pipe into the main stream.”  “Freeride is supposed to be free, all competitions suck especially Olympics.”    The din from the “rabble rabble” of the tiny ski world is almost deafening.  But, what is all the shouting and cursing about?  We’ve seen this before. The Olympics are here and some say they’ve kidnapped our “childhood sport”. We don’t know whether to...

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Telluride and Aahhh’s

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Stumpa's Blog | 1 comment

Telluride and Aahhh’s 26 Years Later the Blizzard of Aahhh’s Packs the Sheridan Opera House The ski movie that was potentially the last film for the Greg Stump Productions crew “The Blizzard of Aahhh’s” played last week in Telluride at the Sheridan Opera House to over 250 people.  Half the crowd was dressed in 80’s fashions and it was a party at the Opera House.  Scott Kennett, Rasta Stevie and myself were the only BOA alumni to attend.  We were all three living in Telluride back in the day and appear in the famous T-ride segment which dances between Rasta Stevie talking...

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Backcountry Sustainable Fun

Posted by on Dec 21, 2013 in Stumpa's Blog | 1 comment

  Afternoon Climb and Ski (Video link at the bottom of page)   Sometimes it’s hard to break away from my daily business, parenting and life schedule.     The hike is a time to take some deep breaths, enter quite and alone time.  I stick to a ridge that usually gets wind to insure a safe ascent up to my target point.  I love the feeling of skiing uphill.  I’m still using my BCA Climbing Skins.  They are what I would describe as a good workhorse climbing skin, good glue and tough.  They wouldn’t be what you’d use for race, but it’s a good tough skin that does...

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